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Thinking about getting new blinds and shades for your office or home windows? Here you can find professional answers to commonly asked questions about window coverings, drapery, and a number of related topics.

Are cellular shades really insulating?

Yes. The honeycomb-like structure that creates the cells does, in fact, make them add thermal insulation to the room. Think about it this way. Cellular shades form a barrier for hot air. What does that mean? That hot air from the outside can't get inside as easily, and neither can hot air from the inside travel outside with ease. The amount and size of the cells, and the material the shades are made of, influence how insulating they actually are. Besides preventing heat transfer, cellular shades can also offer noise reduction, and – naturally – light filtering and blocking.

Can I really get solar powered shades?

You bet. One great innovation that the recent years introduced is the ability to harness solar energy for virtually any task, including automatic shade control. There's something almost beautifully poetic about using energy from sunlight to power the window coverings whose purpose it is to block or filter that light. Now, the installation of solar-powered blinds and shades is by no means simple, but it's a great way to lower your carbon footprint and make your home more 'green' and energy efficient. You can also get solar panels to function as a secondary power source for your electric blinds, to be activated during instances when a power outage hits.

Why are roller shades so popular?

There are several different reasons, but the main ones are probably simplicity and versatility. Those may seem like contrasting things, but here that's not the case. Roller shades work in a very straightforward way. The roll down and up to cover the window or parts of it, so controlling them couldn't be simpler. You've got corded or cordless options, and you can even get motorized roller shades which you can control with a remote or by integrating them with your smart home system. As for versatility, roller shades can be customized in pretty much every way, from the type of fabric to the color and the design. The amount of choices is as expansive as your imagination allows. And of course, let's not forget about pricing. Because roller shades aren't as elaborate as other types of window treatments, they tend to have a much more affordable price range.


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