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Sheer Shades

Excellent Light Control

With sheer shades, you can decide exactly how much sunlight gets through

Sheer Shades

Sheer Shades | Blinds & Shades San Diego, CA

Why settle on one type of window treatment when you can get covers that combine the benefits of both blinds and shades into one product? The main advantage of sheer shades is that they consist of both a sheet of fabric and soft, adjustable vanes. This versatile design means your light filtering options are numerous and much more vast than with a simpler window covering structure.

The Joy of Vanes and a Backdrop

With blinds, the variety of positions is a major benefit. However, there always seems to be some light getting through the tiny slats between the vanes. With simple shades the situation is opposite. You can completely block out sunlight, but the adjustment isn't as nuanced. Sheer shades fix both of these issues with a simple combination. You have a sheet of fabric which you can raise or lower as you wish, and over that you have fabric vanes that you can adjust how you see fit. This method allows you complete mastery over incoming sunlight, and the filtered rays can give the room a very cool and cozy ambiance, especially when combined with various color palettes.

Motorize Your Custom Sheer Shades

With modern technology, the need to manually adjust your shades is no longer a thing. With motorized sheer shades you have all sorts of remote light control options. Somfy and Lutron, two of the major brands of the industry, offer anything from smartphone to voice control methods, as well as all sorts of self-adjusting shades and blinds. Your sheer shades can easily become motorized, at which point controlling their movement and the position of their vanes will be a simple matter of pushing a button.

Are Sheer Shades For You?

Most likely, the answer is yes. But why guess? Schedule a free consultation with an expert from Blinds & Shades San Diego and learn everything you want to learn about manual and motorized sheer shades and all the different designs and customizations you can get for them. Contact us today to book an appointment.


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