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So you're looking for some information about things related to window blinds and shades, huh? Well, hopefully, the tips below can prove useful. If you're looking for more pieces of advice, be sure to let us know and let's see if our experts can provide the information you seek.

Blackout blinds and shades work great in bedrooms

You may read this and think, well duh. But often the use of blackout blinds is understated, or not optimized. Your sleep cycle routine is so important for your health and mood. Doing everything you can to ensure minimal disruption to it is imperative. With blackout blinds, you can keep yourself in the dark, in a good way, and ensure that early morning sunlight doesn't wake you up before you want to wake up. With the combination of automation products (from Somfy and Lutron, for example) you can get motorized blackout blinds that will open for you at specific times, ensuring you get enough sleep, and that you don't wake up in a panic from a blaring alarm clock.

The pros and cons of faux wood blinds and real wooden blinds

If you're contemplating between faux and real wooden blinds, you may want to learn about the different benefits and disadvantages of each one. If comparing the two, both can be very beautiful and possess a classic appeal that's hard to match with other window treatments. Real wooden blinds are often more expensive than faux wood ones. They also have higher maintenance requirements, being that they're made of real wood. Faux wood blinds are often made of composite wood or vinyl or PVC, or a combination of materials. They're far easier to clean and maintain, as you don't need to worry about damaging them with solutions. With wooden blinds, you have to be more careful.

You can actually save money with motorized shades and blinds

If that sounds incongruous to you, that's understandable. The fact remains, though, that motorized window treatments can help you save money on energy. How? By setting them on a schedule or using self-adjusting shades that measure temperature and brightness. You'll have an easier time controlling your indoor climate, thus saving money on heating or cooling. By utilizing natural lighting to brighten up a room, you can also save on artificial lighting during most of the day. Although initially more expensive than their manual counterparts, motorized blinds and shades, even motorized curtains, can end up paying for themselves very quickly.


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